Friday, February 17, 2006

Al Qaeda HR Policies

According to a story from CNN today, West Point has released two studies regarding the organizational structure of Al Qaeda. Incredibly, this terrorist organization offers a better vacation policy than most US corporations. This is similar to other research about gangs that offer disability payments and death benefits to members and their families. Of course, Al Qaeda and the Crips do demand unquestioning loyalty from their members, who have an above-average chance of being killed under extremely violent and painful circumstances. Wait, maybe they're not that much different than some American corporations? I wasn't comforted much by the reports that the miners killed recently in Pennsylvania "didn't suffer."

Here's my favorite part of the CNN story, or read the whole thing:
Indeed, some of the documents used by researchers indicate that al Qaeda has vacation plans -- seven days every three weeks for married members, five days a month for bachelors -- and provides its members with 15 days of sick leave a year.

One document states that al Qaeda operatives must request vacation 10 weeks in advance, and another document outlines the pay scale for members: about $108 a month for married members, less if they're single and more if they have more than one wife.
This kind of plan probably wouldn't work in the US. You couldn't pay me enough to have more than one wife!


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