Friday, February 17, 2006


I saw this product displayed with the impulse items at the Party City check out last night. Not totally sure why, but I find the whole concept extremely disturbing. Pardon the grainy pics. It's the first time using my handy new phone/pda/camera.

From the maker:

The easy and effective way to keep your child's personal records!
The kit includes:
-One disposable camera
-One personal profile sheet
-One non-toxic ink strip for fingerprinting
-One DNA bag

The personal profile sheet enables you to record a Complete Physical Profile of your child, which includes:

-Space for a color photo
-Height, weight and date-of-birth
-Physical Characteristics (birthmarks)
-Blood Type
-Medical Information
-Medical conditions and medications
-Finger Prints
-Instructions for saving hair for DNA
-Dental Chart


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