Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Penny for Joe

An interesting discussion came up recently over at MyLeftNutmeg. The question is whether Joe Lieberman should return contributions from Democrats if he ends up running as an Independent. After all, if someone gives him money because they support him as a Democrat, and then he flips, the money would have been taken under false pretenses. Anyway, I'll leave that for the ethicists and lawyers to debate.

In the meantime, that discussion developed into the idea of sending Joe miniscule donations. Would the campaign bother to deposit checks for 1 cent? The administrative cost of handling such checks would be far greater than the value of the contribution. But, if I understand the FEC regulations correctly, they would have to either deposit my check or return it. A hassle for them either way.

So, I figured the only way to find out would be to try a little experiment. Today I sent off my contribution to Friends of Joe, Lieberman's official campaign committee, to "show my support." Here's a copy of my check and the text from my cover letter. Feel free to use this as the basis for your own letter and micro-contribution. Please make sure you contribute generously (no
micro-contributions please) to Ned Lamont for Senate. We know Joe's not going to change. Ned Lamont is the solution.

April 24, 2006
The Honorable Joseph I. Lieberman
Friends of Joe Lieberman
PO Box 231294
State House Square
Hartford, CT 06123

Dear Senator Lieberman:

Although I disagree with you on many issues, including your support of the war in Iraq, I feel it is important to support Democrats when they run for office. As such, please accept the enclosed contribution as a show of my support. I would also like to mention some issues that you will hopefully address during the remainder of your term, and the next if you are re-elected.

  1. Bring the war in Iraq to a quick and peaceful end, and return our troops home to safety.
  2. Support Censure of President Bush. You have acknowledged that the administration used illegal wiretaps. It is also clear that President Bush lied to Congress and America in order to garner support for an illegal war. No one is above the law; not even our President.
  3. Work to rescind the punitive bankruptcy bill that you supported. This type of bankruptcy form hurts well intentioned middle-class citizens that run into financial problems. You claim to support the middle-class and be their voice in the Senate, yet this bill is nothing but a handout to the credit card banks and big business.
  4. Publicly apologize for your careless remarks regarding proposed Connecticut legislation regarding emergency contraception for rape victims. To say that a woman, after being beaten and raped, can take a taxi to another hospital is absolutely reprehensible.
  5. Always remember that your job is to represent the will of the people of Connecticut and not your personal opinions. Your recent television commercials suggest you may have forgotten your role within our system of representative democracy. In one commercial, you state “some of you feel passionately against my position on Iraq, I respect your views…” Every poll shows that the citizens of Connecticut overwhelmingly oppose the War. By continuing to support President Bush’s “stay the course” strategy, clearly you are not respecting our views.

Lastly, if you claim to be a real Democrat, then please commit to remaining a Democrat and support the primary process. As the world’s greatest democracy, we have systems for addressing disagreements with our representatives. One method is to voice concerns to our legislators, hoping to influence their positions. If that fails, another method is to select a new representative. On August 8th, if the voters of the Democratic Party, your party, select a different candidate, I urge you to respect this choice. Your threats to run as an Independent cause me to question your true loyalty to the Party as it not only undermines the Democratic voters, it may have a severe negative impact on others running in critical races.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my thoughts.


Neal R. Fink
So, please send those letters and teeny tiny checks to Joe. And, don't forget to send your REAL contribution to Ned Lamont for Senate.


Blogger The Continental Op said...

I love this idea. It reminds me of one of my small acts of rebellion when I was practicing law. The second firm I worked at, while generally a decent place, was unbelievably cheap. When we made long distance calls, we were supposed to enter a billing code, so that the call was charged to a client. Fair enough, as those calls could add up. But then the firm would send each employee a memo itemizing any unbilled calls, and requesting that we identify and reimburse the firm for any that were personal calls. The amounts in question were typically in the $1 to $2 range. Most of the other attorneys usually ignored the memos, and nothing ever seemed to happen to them. But I chose scrupulous compliance. Each month, I would dutifully submit a few rumpled dollar bills, which the office manager always accepted with a look of resignation. We both knew perfectly well that it had to cost the firm more to prepare and circulate the memos, and to collect the case, than they got back in reimbursements. Of course, the managing partner probably just pocketed the money and spent it on scotch and cigars. But they would have been cheap scotch and cigars, so I still got the last laugh.

7:56 PM  
Blogger The Continental Op said...

Ooops. That should have been "collect the cash".

7:58 PM  

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