Thursday, April 20, 2006

Things I'm Embarrassed About

  1. I once agreed with something that George Bush said - he was talking about chocolate chip cookies
  2. I have a slight crush on Anderson Cooper. He's liberal, cute, has a rich mom, and is rumored to like guys.
  3. I have occasional fantasies about Katie Couric (sorry Anderson, don't be jealous)
  4. I once worked on an off-Broadway production of "Rasputin: The Musical" (and it wasn't even the one written by Ozzie Osbourne)
  5. I love animals, but vegetarians annoy me
  6. I have 4 computers and often use them all at the same time
  7. I liked Steel Magnolias. Who cares if it's a chick flick. The tough guys at Maximcan kiss my ass.
  8. I keep my "For Dummies" guides hidden so the books on my shelves make me look smarter
  9. I told my son that there's no Santa Clause when he was two (I figured we're Jewish, so who cares? Apparently the other kids at pre-school. Oops.)
  10. I drive a gas guzzling SUV and yesterday it cost me $56.15 to fill the tank


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having a crush on Anderson is NOTHING to be embarrassed about! That man is gorgeous.

1:02 AM  
Blogger The Continental Op said...

I also think vegetarians are incredibly annoying, at least the ones who insist there is something fundamentally improper about eating animals. The real problem with meat -- at least most commercially-produced meat -- is that it is raised and processed under conditions that are unhealthy and unsafe for the people who work in, and eat the products of, the meat industry. And it tastes like crap. One nice thing about living in CA is that delicious, healthy organic meat is readily available at not so much of a price premium. It is amazing to be reminded of just how succulent a chicken can be!

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Murray Weinstock said...

Hey Neal,

$2.93 for regular gas is cheap. Where do I have to drive to to get that price? Also, I may as well also respond to the Who's Who Madison. Damn.

I got included in that fishing expo, as well. Having written and sung for many national music spots on TV and Radio, I thought, this is cool. I am being rediscovered! But then I thought , why isn't it called Madison Avenue?
Maybe it's Madison, Wisconsin! I played there at a blues club many years ago with Little Esther Phillips. (but how would anyone remember that night? We practically got thrown out for wanting to stay at the club after the 2:00 AM closing time) OK, let's see that in print, Who's Who in Madison, Wisconsin. That's when I googled it and found your comments. Thanks for that. I appreciate your blog and well, if I am going to send in $10.00, should I send it to you or maybe I should just post my credit card also?

All the best,
Murray Weinstock, Tails of the City

12:44 PM  

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