Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Seeing as how time has been to scarce to contribute to this blog, let alone the others that I've committed to in the past, I've decided to consolidate all my activity in one place. withoutApurpose is officially dormant and I will focus on blogging over at Connecticut's #1 Progressive Blog, MyLeftNutmeg. It's a great community with several active front-page posters. Please head on over, register, and start participating.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

America has a problem. We need change. Joe has got to go.


10:02 AM  
Blogger popomus said...

I created a lovely anti-Lieberman commercial; could you please post on MyLeftNutmeg? Enjoy:


It was made by Brian Felsen and Stefan Avalos (legendary director of “The Last Broadcast,” which “The Blair Witch Project” “borrowed” from.)

We made it because though Iraq’s the #1 issue, it's not enough to win needed GOP voters, who’ll think of Ned as a liberal, a one-note candidate, or a “cut-and-runner.” Ned will LOSE narrowly, unless he can convince a reasonable minority of Republicans that it is more in their own interests to vote for him over Joe.

This ad can show that Joe’s a loser for our wallets, because he made CT the #49 state out of 50 in terms of return on their tax dollars. You're welcome to use the ad or its idea to run anywhere on TV or the net in Republican areas.

And: spread the word to make a NEW KISS FLOAT; it’s old news; the media needs NEW NEWS to report: a series of "We're #49!" parties. See www.elifsavas.com/49 to send the footage in, and I’ll edit it into something great and flood the media with it..

Meanwhile, please post our beautiful “cake video” on your wonderful blog, and spread the word to hold celebrations and send us the footage. I can also send the vid to you as .wmv format or host it on my own site as wmv & qt - just let me know.

Brian Felsen, Elif Felsen, Stefan Avalos

3:11 AM  
Blogger Ozy said...

If you want to post an awesome YOUTUBE this one came up this morning! This video speaks for itself Connecticut and our Troops deserve better!


2:24 PM  
Anonymous Millie said...

The world needs to change, most people in the west are happy if they can buy their clothes, homebase garden furniture, tvs etc, wake up.

5:41 AM  

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