Sunday, October 15, 2006

withoutApurpose: It's BlogCastic

withoutApurpose is officially re-launching as a BlogCast. The last few months have placed tremendous demands on my time, making it extremely difficult to continue my writing. Much of my day is spent in the car traveling between project sites and clients' homes. This gives me lots of time to think about all the things I would like to blog about. When I get home at night two small children fight for my attention and by the time they go to sleep I'm just way too exhausted to write. So, I got new headset mic for my digital audio recorder in order to have something meaningful to show for my hours in the car; well, something beyond the trail of greenhouse gases I've been spewing about the State. And please, no suggestions about purchasing Carbon Credits.

My broadcast debut is planned for Monday, with the first Connecticut Senate Primary debate as the topic.

Also in the works is an Internet radio show that will most likely be broadcast through More details soon. So, thanks for dropping by. Please have a listen to my introductory broadcast and come back soon. In the meantime, "keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!" Casey Kasem, you're my new hero.


Blogger The Continental Op said...

Casey Kasem, you're my new hero.

Let the truth be known: Casey Kasem has been Neal's hero since he was just a grade-schooler, "broadcasting" from his bedrooom on WFNK. It's a pity we didn't save any of those cassette recordings!

12:13 AM  
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